Azure skies and blue waters

Brayden and Joree had one of the most unique and intimate Yacht wedding last year. The day started bright and early on the luxurious wooden docks of ONE15 Marina in Sentosa. And God answered my prayers for a fair weathered day with good light. Given how rainy December in Singapore tends to get, you bet we were all counting our lucky stars when the rain only started pelting after we docked back.

Romantic hues of blues

The couple rightly decided on a colour theme of blues and white, and it complimented the landscape so much! It was definitely a cute surprise when the mirror I brought for the detail shots reflected the sky and cloud.

The beautiful blue waters and warm sunlight were oh-so-gorgeous. I'm not gonna lie, it was hot, and everyone tried their best to hide under any available shade. But the fresh salty air and the endless expanse of blue sky blending into the glimmering blue water was just not a sight you get to enjoy everyday.

Having your wedding on a Yacht is a sure fire way to keep it intimate, unique and memorable for everyone. Photographing a wedding on a yacht, on the other hand, is an entirely separate matter. The limited walking space definitely made covering the ceremony a challenge. Not to mention most of the floor space was actually a net so threading on those was an acquired skill. Thankfully the yacht has an upper deck that I was able to freely access and I spent the entire ceremony running around like a spider to ensure I get as many different angles as possible.

It's hard to celebrate without a feast, thankfully the yacht wedding comes with food and free flow drinks freshly prepared by the kitchen of ONE15 Marina and re-heated by the professional crew of ONE15 Luxury Yachting. And boy were the food delicious!

The energy and love the guests had for the couple were easy to tell. Everyone took the time to enjoy the company and the glorious seascape.

The beautiful and energetic bridal party were so adorable

The rain clouds started to gather as the boat inched towards the dock and everyone kept their fingers crossed. Thankfully, the rain dropped gently only after we landed.

Surrounded by the sun, the sea and your most loved individuals. Having your wedding on a Yacht was definitely a unique way to tie the knot. Making it a core memory for not just the guest but everyone involved.

Brayden and Joree were such a gracious and beautiful couple and I wish them the very best future together.


Venue: ONE15 Luxury Yachting