Your own Private Gallery

One of the most common questions I get asked about my services is how would photographs be delivered to my client. Because I want my client to have the best, easiest and most professional experience working with me , I always deliver all my consumer photographs through each client's very own bespoke Client Gallery that only they and the people they share the link with, have access to.

It is simple as heck to download your photographs from our session and it follows the UI/UX procedure of most majoe Social Media platform. But just in case you are too bedazzled by seeing your own pretty face smiling at you, here's a simple blog post to guide you on how to download your photographs from your own gallery.

Download the Entire Gallery

You have the option to download the full gallery of photos together via the download icon in the Collection. I highly recommend you do this to safely download ALL your photographs in one easy step. To download, you can:

  1. Click on the download icon at the top right of the Collection
  2. Enter their email address and the download PIN, if turned On
  3. Confirm the "Sets" to download, the desired resolution ( Remember to download it in High Resolution!), and the delivery method:
How to Download your Photographs wedding family photographer in singapore

How to download an entire gallery in one step

You can choose to have the photos saved to your device (via a .ZIP file sent to the email address you provided at login), or to your Google Photos or Dropbox account. If you choose to save the photos to your device, you can unzip/extract the download to save the image files it contains. If you choose Google Photos or Dropbox, the images will be available to view/download in your account.

Download A Single Photograph

Click on the link I sent you via email or text. It will take you straight to your personalized gallery.

  1. Click the download icon on any photo
  2. Enter their email address and any download PIN (for the first download)
  3. Confirm the desired resolution and the delivery method, and choose to remember this selection if they will be downloading multiple photos:

How to Download your Photographs

How to download a single photograph

Mark Photographs as Private

If you want to mark a photo as private (Only client login can see) , either click the Mark Private icon when hovering over an individual image (gallery view) or click on the Mark Private icon at the top of the enlarged image view.

Images that have been marked as Private will have a privacy icon in the top left-hand corner. Additionally, to change the image from Private back to Public, clients can simply click the Mark Private icon again.

How to Download your Photographs wedding family photographer in singapore

How to set a photograph as Private

Back Up Your Gems in Multiple Places!

And there you have it, dear friends! Your precious memories are now safely stored in your device for you to cherish forever. I hope this guide made the downloading process as delightful as our time together during the photo session.

I implore you to store your pics in multiple places like a digital hoarder. Think external hard drives, cloud castles, or even better - print them out for extra protection because technology (even SSDs and cloud !) can fail or fall victim to file corruption.

My Recommendations 💖

  • Download the entire gallery to your computer and store it somewhere safe. If you have an External Harddisk with sufficient space, put a copy there.
  • Download again to your cloud storage account (Google Photos or Dropbox).
  • If you have sufficient space, download a copy of all High Resolution photographs on your cloud storage. If not, opt to download Web Sized photographs there. Web sized photographs are not great for printing but they take up way less space and is still a good safe guard against losing your files completely

The Case for Professional Printing

If you choose to print your photographs out, I begggggg you not to go to your neighbourhood print shops.

Print shop vs Profesional (photo taken with Samsung Note10+)

I've tried a couple of different print shops and my pictures always turned out looking like they were taken with disposable cameras and what's with that intense orange? Now, there's nothing wrong with the film look and I'm not trying to disrespect local print shops but most of them are not equipped with the abilities to reproduce the bright and dreamy photographs I meticulously edited and you paid good money for.

The professional print studio I work with can reproduce the bright and dreamy look because of their advanced colour mixing technology. And because they use the highest quality materials they are able to guaranteed to last more than 25 years without fading. So if you are interested in printing out some of the photographs to remember the day, just click on the "Store" icon at the top right hand corner or drop me an email to explore the options. 

Once again, thank you for allowing me to share your joy and capture your milestone moments in life!