An Intimate Home Wedding ...

The connection Jordan & Alexandria had between each other was hard to miss. Two vibrant, lively, independent and wildly talented souls that thrived so beautifully decided they would live for each other and thrive together. Their courtship was separated by hundreds of miles but that never got in the way of true love =)

I had so much fun attending Jordan and Alex's intimate home wedding in June and I'm finally here to share the joy of the occasion! If there is anything I walked away from this wedding, it's the fact that both Jordan and Alexandria were greatly loved. Being a wedding of 2 countries, tremendous efforts on both sides had to be made for the wedding to happen.

Alex communicated extensively with me prior to the wedding to help me understand her expectations. To Jordan and Alex, the most important thing they wanted from their wedding photography was the authentic smiles and moments their loved ones shared on their special day. They weren't interested in getting ANY portraits at all because they just wanted to spend as much time as they could, hanging out with the friends and families that flew all the way over to be there. So for majority of the coverage, I opted for a candid photo-journalistic approach and allowed things to happen organically.

Alex and Jordan weren't big on jewelleries and much preferred to spend their money on hosting the best wedding for their guests! They did however, still have a few classic and timeless pieces to commemorate the day.

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Intimate and cosy space

Since this was a home wedding, it was incredibly intimate, cosy and personal. Everyone there knew almost everyone else or at least they definitely left the wedding knowing each other! The entire place was meticulously tidied and decorated to fit the wedding palette colour. DearHanaFlorist also did a lovely job sprucing the place up with her floral magic! Abundance of snacks and booze was available at every corner.

Many tears were shed that day ...

Endless night of party ...

Jordan and Alex's friends were obviously the happening sort and the night ebbed away with cheers, games, music and laughter.

Florist | DearHanaFlorist

Makeup | Carissaharmyn , Allie_jong , Mnemeinmiasma

And such is the simple bliss of living...

It was easy to tell how adored Alex and Jordan were by everyone they surrounded themselves with. Isn't such simplicity the highest blessing of life?

The night continued with an endless stream of impromptu wedding toasts as guest after guests volunteered themselves onto an impromptu stage ( aka the glorious plastic chair!) . They recounted their best memory with the couple as the audience roared with laughter or bob their heads enthusiastically if they landed a jab or two at the groom's expense!

I have attended many weddings myself and with the exception of a few, this has got to be one of the most touching, intimate and worthwhile wedding I've ever attended. Thank you for letting me share in your special day. I wish both the couple all the happiness in the world and may their love forever grow.