An Intimate and Traditional Chinese Wedding

A wonderfully intimate and traditional Chinese Banquet Wedding was held to celebrate the lovely Melissa and Justin's matrimony last July. And I am so honoured to have the opportunity to capture this important milestone in their life!

The banquet venue was set at the Spring Court Restaurant (Also known as Yong Chun Yuan 詠春园) which apparently, is the oldest Chinese restaurant in Singapore and THE wedding venue of our Grandparent's times! Fancy that! The restaurant's been around since 1929 according to this blog post by ieatishootipost. It was a quaint and comforting venue to be in as most Chinese descent, like myself, would grow up with fond memories of ourselves feasting on those fancifully traditional banquet repertoire.

It was an intimate wedding with a tight schedule. Thankfully we were able to squeeze 20 minute out of the schedule to dash out for a very quick portrait session with the lovely Melissa and Justin in the eclectic Chinatown.

The Lovely Wedding Couple poses in front of a simple wall facade in Chinatown

Portrait Session

Situated in the heart of bustling Chinatown, finding a romantic and wedding portrait appropriate spot was ... not easy.

Henceforth, I arrived ahead of schedule to check out the surrounding areas before the wedding started. I had already went through their wedding itinerary and communicated with Melissa prior so I knew if we were to make portrait session happen at all, it would have to be dashingly quick and we can venture no further than a few streets on foot. Thankfully, behind Chinatown's dingy pubs and smoky back alleys were some sufficiently clean walls, interesting doors and foliage - and we made do with that. Mega props to Melissa and Justin for being so game with everything and for being so incredibly natural in front of the camera.

The Best Wedding Favor

The wedding favor is often something guests look forward to and the couple definitely struck the right chord by giving their guests a chance at striking rich, with ToTo!

I personally thought that was such a smart and quirky idea!

Utilising the iconic stairways in Spring Court restaurant for some stylish portraits