An intimate COVID wedding at Fort Canning Park

It was a slightly wet day when Yee Oon and Jun Hao had their intimate Covid ROM. Yee Oon used to be my colleague and her matured, calm presence was always a joy to behold during my dreary office days. This lovely young lady was also one of the few powerful woman who inspired and encouraged me to chase my dreams so I was incredibly honoured when she invited me to document her ROM ceremony last June. Since the ceremony was held while our island nation was still Dorscon Orange, it was simple and intimate.

Fort Canning Park is an exceptional location for wedding and pre-wedding photography in Singapore. This iconic park offers a beautiful blend of lush greenery, historical landmarks and stunning city views. The park's rich history and natural beauty provide an enchanting backdrop for capturing beautiful moments that will be cherished for a lifetime. To make the deal sweeter, Fort Canning Park is also conveniently close to the Registry of Marriage - making it the perfect venue for some quick Wedding Portraits after the solemnisation.

The happy couple posing in front of the Cupolas designed by George Dromgold Coleman, Singapore’s first Government Architect and Superintendent of Public Works

Prior to the ceremony, I communicated extensively with Yee Oon on the timeline for the day and gave suggestions on how their parents and relations could spend their time in Fort Canning while the three of us scoot off for some portrait session. I even came up with a simple walking trail route and guide to keep the guests occupied.

Yee Oon joked that she didn't know being a photographer required one to also be a shepherd / tour guide as I "shepherded" everyone for family portrait sessions. I assured her this was the best I could do for my wedding couples as the bride and groom are usually getting married the first time (well, usually!) and would be frightfully unfamiliar with what to do. That is where a professional photographer steps in to advice on the timeline and make plans for photography to happen at the best possible time.

Wet start ...

We arrived a little earlier than their solemnisation timing in order to have some portrait session because I really really wanted to gift them as many beautiful photographs as possible. I didn't want to tire them out before their ceremony so I designed a route that would allow us to hit as many different locations in Fort Canning as possible while we slowly make our way to the Registry of Marriage.

The day started off with a slight drizzle but we were lucky that it did not persist for long and when it was time for family formals, the light was absolutely beautiful!

It was a wonderfully beautiful and intimate solemnisation and I had so much fun getting to know their families. Both of the couple's families were so incredibly kind and serene. You can definitely tell where both of them got their calm and stable demeanours from!

And did I mention how much I loved Yee Oon's glamourous vintage dress and style?! I'm so IN LOVE with both their style and thought the bold Vintage / Gatsby-ish style they turned up in was amazing!