Before the sun is up

Jingting and Yu Boon's wedding preparations started before the sun came up. When I arrived, the bridesmaid and bridesman were already perfectly dressed and had all the props for the gatecrash prepared! What a well organised and hardworking group!

Despite everyone's lack of sleep, the excitement in the air was undeniable.

The beautiful bride

The actual day of a bride's wedding can be incredibly tiring. From waking up early for hair and makeup preparations, to the ceremony, reception, and post-wedding events, the bride is constantly on the go. She is the center of attention and must remain present and engaged throughout the day, while also managing her emotions and ensuring that everything goes smoothly. It is a day filled with excitement, joy, and love, but it can also be physically and emotionally exhausting.

And Jingting performed her bridal 'duties' with the most utmost grace! Not an ounce of overwhelm and fatigue can be seen on her beautiful face! Kudos to Fish Pang (Feautte Makeup) for her fantastic work because not only did the makeup lasted throughout the entire morning, it even lasted through some rain!

And the fun begins ...

The bridal party was full of fun-loving people (you can tell just by their choice of clothes!) , but the groomsmen were particularly sporting. They fearlessly took on all of the challenging Suan Tian Ku La (Sour, Sweet, Bitter & Spicy) activities in support of the groom and nobody could keep a straight face!

Well loved !

The effort put in by the bridal party is often a reflection of how well loved the wedding couple is. When the bride and groom have a group of friends and family members who are willing to go above and beyond to make their special day perfect, it is a testament to the strong bonds and affection that exist between them. The impromptu and fun-loving nature of everyone on the bridal party was absolutely infectious !

The beautiful bridal party at Seletar Aerospace park

Seletar Aerospace Park

We moved on to Seletar Aerospace Park to capture some couple portraits and pictures with the Bridal party. The classic black and white colonial houses and lush greenery was such a wonderful backdrop!

The bride with the bridesmaid and a gigantic red packet!

The groom and the groomsmen have a red packet show down!

Yu Boon's impressive car enthusiast party also joined us at the Seletar Aerospace Park for extra cheer. The day started really hot but in typical Singapore fashion, rain soon started to threaten. Thankfully, Seletar Aerospace Park have many rain shelter options which we promptly made use of when the rain finally broke through. Since we were trapped by the rain, we decided to make use of what we have and take a few quick portraits at The Summerhouse.

Jingting and Yuboon were such a sweet and beautiful couple and they were an absolute joy to work with. Not only were they down-to-earth and friendly, their love for each other was truly beautiful to witness! What stood out to me was how different they were, but it only seemed to make them compliment each other even more. It was a pleasure capturing their special day and I wish them all the happiness in the world.




Make Up & Hair : Feautte Makeup

Videography: 1stJournal Production