The loveliest couple

I can't help but gush about Sophie and Emmanuel! I had the privilege to photograph their surprise proposal last year and I'm happy to be invited to photograph them again for their lovely engagement this march!

Sophie and Emmanuel are one of the sweetest and most generous couple I've ever had the pleasure of photographing and I loved what we were able to do with this set. Soft and persistent drizzle mulled over the entire session but we managed to make it work and continued to thank God for the weather because really, it could be SO much worse =)

Sophie and Emmanuel decided to start the session at the picturesque Keong Saik Road. The rain came in and out so we had to think on our toes and stay creative

A wet afternoon

It was a wet afternoon where the rain clouds played hide and seek with us. Thankfully the shophouses provided many rain cover options. We decided to hide from the rain and use our time productively at the beautiful Chez Suzette cafe.

A big thank you to the accommodating staffs at Chez Suzette for allowing us to not just enjoy their artisan coffee and bakes but also shelter from the rain while creating beautiful imagery in their lovely cafe. If you're looking for an inspiring space to enjoy a leisurely sip around Teck Lim Rd, give Chez Suzette a go!

I always bring a white transparent umbrella for my engagement session if rain is forecasted. Thankfully, I don't often have to use it but I was so glad I lugged it along for this session because it ended up being such a highlight. Throw in some fairy lights with wet reflective surfaces and some magic happened.

Sophie and Emmanuel's love for each other is simply contagious and you can't help but feel happy around them. And let's not forget that they're both so gracious and well-loved by everyone around them. I have no doubt that they'll have a long and happy life together and I can't wait to see what the future has in store for these two!