The cutest couple ever

Get ready to swoon over the adorable couple, Yingru and Sherman! These two lovebirds are kind, beautiful, and absolutely cute together! We were lucky enough to capture some pre-wedding couple portrait shots of them, and let me tell you, they are absolutely stunning (gosh, I have no shame lol!) . From their infectious smiles to their effortless chemistry, this couple is a photographer's dream come true.

Simple Elegance

Yingru was one of the gentlest and most graceful ladies around and I loved her simplistic and effortlessly beautiful vibe. Props to Jin , the talented makeup and hair artist for her fabulous job here. And Sherman, on top of being super good looking, was a sporting gentleman who graciously accepted our jokes like a champion! Yingru is in good hands with this man!

While we were blessed with some magic warm light for a while, we didn't managed to get the glowy sunset we had hoped. But we rolled with the blue hour palette anyway and got some shots with an entirely different vibe.


Makeup & Hair: Jin Makeup