A beautiful Summer House Proposal

I love cycling and I often cycle myself to the Seletar Aerospace Park area. It is a beautiful and quiet place with mostly vibe-y high-end restaurants and cafes converted from classy black and white colonial era houses. It's a idyllic countryside area of offices, factories and beautiful nature. One of the hallmark building just beside the road is The Summerhouse. With it's elegant colonial era building, fairy lights and glass domes, I've always thought it was the perfect fairytale wedding location!

Alan wanted to spring a surprise proposal to his girlfriend MinLin and to my delight, it was to be held at the beautiful Summerhouse restaurant.

A nervous start

The gentlemen arrived well ahead to set up the decoration and POURED their hearts into it! They fret over the precise placement of EVERY photograph and balloons. Alan also made very specific (or I think he did! ) colour palette choice because everything just looked so good together! Look at how the balloon colours match up!

Alan was oozing nervousness so we assured him it was all going to be fine. And of course, everything turned out fantastic.

The stage is set

The stage is set

After much effort, the stage is set and boy was it beautiful! With the exception of the decorations within the glass dome, everything else was brought by Alan and his friend. Look at the amount of thought and effort that went into it!

The Queen enters

Now that the stage is set, it is finally time for Alan's elaborate script and the other "actors" to roll in. Enter, the queen =)

Minlin was the cutest lady ever and has one of the most infectious laughter! When her eye mask came down the first did she did was laugh and giggle uncontrollably. How adorable is that!

They were probably one of the most in-love couple that I've ever shot yet! It was easy to tell how much they enjoyed each other's company and how their personalities matched up!

Freezing moments ...

When we were discussing expectations for the session (something I try to do with every client prior to the photoshoot) , Alan informed me of the exact timeline for the day and that he mostly just wanted pictures that document this important moment. I am always very happy when Clients openly share their expectations with me so I know exactly where to focus my energy. It was a joyous occasion and everyone was full of laughs - I hope you were able to experience that through my photographs .

Mini Portrait Session

We managed to squeeze a very short portrait session of the beautiful couple on the grounds of the Summer House. Amidst the staff from Summer House popping up every other minute to clarify their dinner orders and wedding guests from a wedding happening beside the glass domes walking across the camera, it's an understatement to say I was stressed! haha. Thankfully, Alan and Minlin were such an awesome couple and the grounds was beautiful and we managed to create these beautiful, dreamy photographs without needing to step out of the restaurant premise.

It was such an honour to be able to get to know Alan and MinLin and photograph their special moment! I just know the two of them will have a fun-filled future together!