A Botanic Garden Surprise Proposal

It was amazing to be part of Emmanuel and YY's secret proposal which happened in May.

Emmanuel and his brothers-in-crime arrived bright and early to find a suitable place to set up in the beautiful Botanic Garden. They were at least a couple of hours early because if you've ever been to Singapore's only (as of now) UNESCO World Heritage Site Park on a weekend, you'd know how loved it is. Finding a scenic spot is almost as hard as trying to "chope" a kopitiam seat during the crazy weekday lunch hour.

Emmanuel went for a classic cottage theme of checkered mat, rattan baskets, wooden crates, brown cushions and pink floating balloons.

In order to surprise YY, Emmanuel pulled every trick in the book and came out with an elaborate plan of "impromptu musical performance in Botanic Garden". Of course, the only way this can work is for YY's gal-friend to step in and lead her into the "trap" =)

And of course, YY's friend rose to occasion spectacularly!

Every second feels like a lifetime when you're waiting for the love of your life.

And she said Yes !

Annnnndddd she had NO IDEA! The surprise proposal was definitely a surprise. Props to everyone involved !

" Can I keep you and never let you go?"

Not all Heroes Wear Capes...

And no secret proposal can happen without the help of awesome friends who's willing to drop their weekend to make your dream happen.

“Surround yourself with good people. People who are going to be honest with you and go the extra mile for you.”

Cutest couple

Emmanuel and YY is the quintessential cute and polite couple that everyone loves. Not only does their personality complement each other perfectly, they are also one of the nicest people you'd meet.

I'm so excited for Emmanuel and YY as they embark on this new chapter of their life together. May their years ahead be filled with lasting joy and abundant blessings!