A Comfortable Family session ...

I met the lovely Jasmine and Kai Teck at Brayden and Joree's Yacht Wedding which I had just photographed a few months prior to this session! Jasmine wanted to have some portraits taken with KT and their lovely little family and decided I was a good fit for them! I cannot even begin to explain how precious and honoured I felt to be trusted with the opportunity AFTER they see me work. I mean, it's one thing to appear professional online but it's a completely different ball game executing it in real life.

The couple wanted to have some shots taken with their precious rides and we brainstormed numerous locations. We decided on the beautiful Seletar Aerospace Park for it's convenience and variety of background options.

Bright red Motobike contrasting the aeroplanes and hangar in the background in Seletar Aerospace park makes for such a unique shot!

Even though it was a blazing day at the Aerospace Park, we got really blessed with the clear blue skies! The sun came in and out in a matter of minutes and so navigating the ever changing natural light is a challenge. But I definitely love the effect we managed to achieve!

A happy family photograph on the rustic wooden boardwalk at Seletar Aerospace Park

Awww, Look at this adorable family. Whenever kids or fur kids are involved, it's always 50% luck whether you get a shot with everyone looking at the camera or not. Little A was cooperative and game on the session but our furry baby had other plans in mind.

Parents often remark at how I am able to capture authentic smiles and natural moments in the most ( seemingly) effortless manner. And they are often worried about trying to get everyone looking at the camera or BE in the shot (yes, kids and fur kids have legs they are not afraid to utilise haha). I always assure them that there is nothing to worry about because the last thing I need my clients to do is spoil their experience being worried about things they cannot control.

A good photographer will know when and how to step in and make the shot work. As long as my client trust me enough to go with my lead, understand the options we are working with and graciously allow me the creative control , things will definitely work out well. There is nothing I want more than for my clients have an enjoyable session instead of getting uptight about insignificant details.

Look at how photogenic this pair of love birds look !

Family photoshoot at Seletar Aerospace Park, The Boardwalk

It was so much fun photographing Jasmine and Kai Teck along with Little A and their beautiful puppy. Jasmine and KT were really amazing people ( plus totally #couplegoals ) to hang out with and I learned so much from them. They uphold each other and inspire each other's growth in the most positive sense of the word.