A big family at Singapore Botanic Gardens

A family photoshoot is a great way to capture the memories of your loved ones. Last june, I had the pleasure of photographing Liyin and Eugene's big family at the Singapore Botanic Gardens.

mother carrying a toddler in her arms with warm sun rays in singapore botanic gardens
grandfather carrying a toddler in his arm in singapore botanic gardens
father carrying a child in his arms with warm sun rays in singapore botanic gardens

We started our session at the famous bandstand which I absolutely love. The bandstand is one of my favourite photo spot in Botanic Garden because of it's symmetrical design, white pillars and the lush rain trees that surrounds it.

There are many things that contribute to how good and cohesive a family photo look and what you wear during the session ranks high on the list. Which is why I educate my client with a guidebook on what to prepare for our family session and give styling tips to help them get there.

I loved how well dressed each member looked here! Having everyone wear basic white tops is a sure fire way of getting clean , cohesive yet casual vibes.

happy extended family photo taken at the bandstand in singapore botanic garden
elderly parent and daughter in a family photo at botanic gardens
sisters dressed in white smiling happily in a green field
young boy running towards happy parents on a green field. family photoshoot

Throughout the photoshoot, the family was all smiles and was so easy to photograph. Jokes and comedic behaviours permeated the session and their love for each other was evident in every photo.

grandfather hoisting granddaughter in the air while smiling in a green field

The Singapore Botanic Gardens was a great location for a family photoshoot and Liyin and Eugene's family were such a fun bunch to photograph! It was a pleasure to capture these memories for them, and I am sure that these photos will be cherished by the family for years to come.

The beautiful scenery and the relaxed atmosphere made for such a fun and enjoyable experience. If you are planning a family photoshoot, I highly recommend considering the Singapore Botanic Gardens as your location.