Mommy Groups...

I'm back with another throwback photoshoot that occurred last year! I had the pleasure of photographing Rachel and her lovely family in the middle of December last year and it was a very interesting session.

Rachel was part of a "Mommy group chat" my friend was in and got to know about my services because my old friend had helped publicise me in the chat. And I gotta say, the distribution power of these mommy group chat is pretty woah!!!

Something very special about this family photoshoot would have to be the amount of immediate family members included and yes, the inclusion of two adorable fur babies! Rachel's family have 2 lovely schnauzers who has been with them for many years and anyone who knows schnauzers would know how full of energy this breed is! Alvin and Rachel also have 2 energetic little boys so woah , that's a lot of energy in one household haha !

And yes, in case you're wondering, I love dogs!

New challenge ...

This photoshoot also had an entirely new challenge for me - it had to be shot entirely indoor. With 2 young kids and 2 energetic dogs, getting out of the house was difficult. So Rachel specially requested to have the photoshoot done in their home. The saving grace however, was the good amount of sun light coming from the balcony and the entirely white walls and ceiling in the house.

For this particular photoshoot, I did something I seldom do for family photoshoot. I brought my speedlite and an extra large reflector which both came in handy!

Are they not just the cutest?

In case you're wondering how I got 2 highly-spirited Schnauzer to stay still, it is simply with the liberal and despicable use of bribes 😎 AKA TREATS! Yes, Because I knew I was photographing dogs , I intentionally got myself a bag of dog treats from the Pet store the day before ! It worked better than I expected and was money well spent! This is why photographers need to charge their worth, because our work starts way before the photoshoot commence and way after it ends!

It was great that we managed to sneak a few couple shots of Alvin and Rachel alone in their beautiful balcony.

Gotta love colour coordinated couples!

Spontaneous energy ...

Like most young children, our lovely boys here weren't quite ready to stay still for pictures haha. So, I decided to let them do whatever they want while I focused on capturing their spontaneity ! Why fight the inevitable right ? Hahaha.

Look at our doggy photo-bombing on the right XD

“Not always eye to eye, but always heart to heart”

Like most young boys, once they get together, they get rambunctious. I'm honoured to have the opportunity to witness the raw and unfettering relationship between these two siblings. They reminded me and my own brother when we were young ... oh my gosh, all the fights that I never won 🥲 .

Look at that look of victory on his little face hahhaa

Because I have a brother, I’ll always have a friend ...

I sure hope that when the boys grow up and look at these pictures, they would laugh at their innocence and deep mutual bond. For to have been born with siblings is a blessing not everyone has.

Happy family

And here ladies and gentlemen, is my money shot.

Taking group pictures is always a challenge . It is especially so when you have young children and pets in the group! So you bet I was exhilarated when I finally got a picture of everyone looking at my camera. As they say, a good photograph is a combination of skills, experience, light and sometimes a stroke of luck!

I'm honoured to have the opportunity to capture Rachel and her lovely family and I'm so happy with the photographs I managed to get in the limited environment. It's definitely a big win in my books =)